Sunday, February 12, 2012

Songbird perches at Kala Ghoda

One of the things I enjoyed most about being part of the Kala Ghoda festival in Mumbai was seeing the wonderful display The Songbird on my Shoulder got!
The David Sassoon Library is a magnificent old building and its quaint, leafy garden, surrounded by the architecture of other equally beautiful old Bombay buildings, is the perfect venue for a gathering of people who want to hear about new books and meet their authors!
I was on a panel with three other authors, Kiran Manral, Tishani Doshi and Shital Mehra, moderated by Ayesha Susan Thomas.
Kiran Manral, author of The Reluctant Detective, Saaz reading from The Songbird on my Shoulder, and Ayesha Susan Thomas, moderator of the event.


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